Early Childhood Department

Morah Perele MendlowitzMorah Perele Mendlowitz is the Director of YBH's Early Childhood Department (ECD).

A gifted and loving teacher, Morah Perele brings a combination of talent and caring to the ECD. Children that have been in Morah Perele's class, or just passed by her in the hall, know immediately that they are in the presence of a person who will give them a welcoming smile and unconditional acceptance.

It is no wonder that the children's faces light up when they see her, and they run over to say hello to her. It is this warm and caring environment that characterizes the ECD. Morah Perele, echoing the sentiments of all of the ECD teachers, feels that only in a safe and nurturing environment can children develop and grow socially, emotionally, and academically.

Morah Perele makes sure to visit all the classes in the ECD on a regular basis to speak to the children and ask them about projects that they are working on or what they are learning. By being such a daily part of their classroom experience, Morah Perele makes the students feel good about themselves and she is able to develop a relationship with each individual student.

The ECD is more than just a place for a child to feel cared for and accepted; it is also the first stop in imbuing in the students a real Ahavas Torah and a love of learning. This enjoyment is fostered through an exciting curriculum and amazing special events. What child isn't thrilled to see his or her Hebrew birthday celebrated at the Rosh Chodesh assembly!

The ECD is also engaged in fun and educational programs related to the theme of the month. Through hands-on activities, the students are able to really be affected and excited by the lessons in their classrooms. Children at YBH's ECD don't only learn about Noach's teiva – they make one (along with bringing in pet hamsters and birds!). They don't only learn about Avraham's hachnosas orchim – they build his tent and make hachnosas orchim parties, where they invite and interact with children in the other grades. On the apple picking trip, they are thrilled to see how high up the tree they can reach, and when returning to school, they cut up the apples for a fruit salad.

Instead of just learning about transportation, the Pre-1A visited with Otto the Auto and the Nursery and Kindergarten classes went on a train and ferry ride! These exciting activities, combined with story time, sharing ideas in a circle, and learning the alef bais and alphabet letters through many different activities, encourage each child to flourish and develop as learners and Bnei and Bnos Torah.

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