Rabbi Leiner Bio

"The Hanhala of the Yeshiva is always available for our parents and students." Words to that effect were uttered by our Rabbi Leiner when an apologetic parent called during summer vacation to ask for advice on a matter. Indeed this tireless, selfless approach to the education of our children and the partnership with our parents exemplifies Rabbi Leiner's dedication. It is this commitment that has earned Rabbi Leiner the respect and affection of faculty, staff, and parents.  He is greatly appreciated for his warmth, sound judgment, and devotion to the Yeshiva.

Renowned as a master mechanech, Rabbi Leiner brings to YBH an unmatched breadth of experience as a menahel in both elementary and high schools. Equally important, he is celebrated as a warm and caring educator who devotes individual attention to each child. Faculty members and students are reverential in describing the sincerity, dedication, and professionalism that have become Rabbi Leiner's trademark.

Rabbi Leiner was a talmid of Rav Pam זצ''ל, received smichah from Rav Gedalyah Schorr, זצ''ל and relates many fond memories and lessons gleaned over the many years he spent together with these gedolei hador.  Rabbi Leiner's career in chinuch spans more than 30 years, beginning as a rebbi and culminating in leadership positions at Yeshiva Tiferes Elimelech in Brooklyn, Ateres Yaakov (South Shore High School), in the five towns and Toras Emes in Brooklyn.

In addition to his achievements in educational settings, Rabbi Leiner is warmly regarded for his summer camp work with over 20 years combined experience as Head, Assistant Head Counselor and Learning Director in Camps Torah Voda'as and Rayim. Rabbi Leiner's patience, humor and multifaceted talents endeared him to hundreds of campers, parents and staff over the years and only enhance his ability to understand, empathize and relate to the students that are in his charge as well.

During Rabbi Leiner's tenure, which began in 2008, the student body at YBH has grown an incredible 56%.  This outstanding performance is a tribute to Rabbi Leiner and to the incredible team of mechanchim  -rebbeim, morahs, teachers and staff- that he inspires. Significantly under his purview, the limudei kodesh curriculum of the Yeshiva has been thoroughly reviewed and updated and the Early Childhood Department has been revamped with renewed emphasis on the growth of the individual student. For The Early Childhood Division, this included updating the kriah program and a thorough preparation for the academic rigors of the yeshiva, proper.  

We are proud to extol Rabbi Leiner as the leader of an exemplary team here at YBH and are justifiably excited to join him in his mission to continuously elevate YBH to new horizons of growth and excellence for our children and our community.

Rabbi Leiner can be reached at bleiner@ybhpassaic.org.