Why Choose YBH?

Welcome!  If you are looking for a school that provides a top-notch Limudei Kodesh and General Studies curriculum in a warm and inviting environment  that instills a love for Yiddishkeit and learning in its students, you came to the right place.

Let’s start with our mission statement.  YBH's mission statement is a thoughtful and concrete framework that sets the stage for the meaningful and realistic execution of our ideals.

Yeshivas Beis Hillel’s charter goals are to:

Emphasize the primacy of Torah and Yiras Shomayim.

  • YBH has a full-time Menahel and Mechaneches for our boys and girls divisions who lead a range of activities and workshops, including Shabbatons, for the student body.
  • Student Divrei Torah is included in each weekly parent newsletter to highlight the learning of our students.
  • Our sixth, seventh and eighth grade girls participate in tefillah workshops.
  • The vast majority of our boys division participates in a voluntary summer Mishnayos learning led by our faculty.

Provide a superior education in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies.

  • YBH prepares our students to enter top High Schools and Yeshivas, including offering special interview, study and other preparation programs to the 8th Grade.
  • YBH has a Brachos Bee and a Torah Fair as part of our Limudei Kodesh program.
  • YBH holds a Social Studies Fair, Spelling Bee and a Geography Bee as part of our General Studies program.
  • We have a Unique History Program that teaches World History and Jewish History side by side through the grades.
  • Our technology program teaches children safe and meaningful ways to utilize the internet, various computer programs and other skills necessary for our rapidly changing job market.
  • Trips to museums and other educational institutions enables our faculty to bring a hands on experience to add to our students text learning.
  • YBH holds mock elections and participates in the Stock Market Game, so that our students can better understand the political and economic environment in which they live.

Stress the fundamental importance of middos and acting with mentschlichkeit in every aspect of one's life.

  • Our sixth through eighth grade students are asked to perform a minimum of twenty chesed hours each year. Students assist with special needs children; participate in goodness groups; provide tutoring and/or mother's helper services for families in the community and volunteer at community non-for-profit organizations such as packing food for Tomchei Shabbos, stuffing envelopes for Somaich Achim and assisting with the JFS Uncle Moishe fundraising concert.  YBH students often materially exceed the minimum standard for chesed hours.
  • To highlight our nachas in recognition of our students’ middos accomplishments, several are listed in each parent newsletter.
  • Our students wrote letters to members of our armed forces for Veteran’s Day, to teach them to have a deep appreciation of the sacrifices made by our soldiers.
  • Our students take on various tzedakah projects. For example 7G raised over $5,000 for Sharsheret and 2B organized a very successful book donation.
  • 8G hosted the Goodness Group Friendship Circle.

Highlight the centrality of Eretz Yisroel.

  • Our students proudly marched in the NYC Israel Day Parade.
  • YBH held a Yom Yerushalayim presentation, activities and video.
  • Students celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut with a variety of fun activities sponsored by the yeshiva.
  • Students were taught the sacrifices of our people with events and learning on Yom Ha’Zikaron.

Address the needs of each child as an individual learner.

  • YBH’s teachers and faculty together partner to focus on the needs of an individual child and work in conjunction with the parents to achieve target goals.
  • YBH offers a professionally staffed Resource Room for both enrichment and special services.
  • Our Early Childhood program has a dedicated psychologist who works with our children on age appropriate social skills and creates individualized programs based on each student’s needs. Our school psychologist meets with all children, not just those with special needs as we believe all children can benefit from her services.
  • We offer a variety of extracurricular options, including E2K math and science, musicals, talent show, sports and aerobics.

Prepare our students for the rigorous demands of the finest yeshivos and high schools.

Our hanhala recognizes the importance of building a strong foundation for the future. Our students must not only compete with others for limited slots in area high schools, but they must be well prepared to meet the rigorous academic demands that must be met at the high school level. Baruch Hashem, YBH has been privileged to have its students accepted into some of the finest yeshivos and girls’ high schools in the country.

YBH in Action

Seeing is believing. To set up a personal tour, call the Yeshiva at 973-777-0735 and ask for Mrs. Persin or click on the link below.  In addition, if you would like to speak with a fellow parent about the Yeshiva you can contact our Parent Liaison.

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