A Shared Vision

One of the most striking characteristics of YBH is the cooperation and teamwork of its administration and faculty. There is a mutual appreciation for our mission of preparing students for a successful life, a common perspective on ambitious educational standards and goals, and a shared appreciation of Derech Eretz as the essence of Bnei and Bnos Torah. A remarkable synergy exists, resulting in a Yeshiva that is attentive to the needs of each child maintaining a focus on producing students who will fulfill their potential in Torah and academic achievement.

Our teachers focus on the “whole child.” Every member of the YBH educational team appreciates that real learning is far more than retaining information and mastering skills; it is enabling the students to uncover and take pride in their own uniqueness. Limudei Kodesh faculty, General Studies faculty and administrators maintain ongoing communication to ascertain that each student is advancing according to his/her capability. Within an environment alive with the love of learning, the faculty works proactively on the development of each student’s spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional growth ensuring that every child is stimulated and successful.


YBH’s incomparable professional staff of RebbeimMoros, teachers, and administration is headed by our Menahel, Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz. Rabbi Schwartz is known as a proactive and effective leader and mechanech who recognizes the importance of building trusting relationships with all stakeholders – fellow administrators, faculty, parents, and most importantly, the children. Rabbi Schwartz is complemented by Associate Menahel Rabbi Binyomin Perlstein, Limudei Kodesh Girls Division Principal Mrs. Chana Frumit Stern, Elementary School General Studies Principal, Mrs. Adrienne Shlagbaum, Middle School General Studies Principal Rabbi Yaakov Rabinowitz, Early Childhood Director Mrs. Perele Mendlowitz, and Executive Director Rabbi Moshe Lewin.